The unique differences about Rapid Plas Large Corrugated Rainwater Tanks is that they are the only rainwater tanks on the market with two stainless steel roof beams built into the roof giving you peace of mind that your roof will not collapse. They are also unique in the corrugated design making them what we believe as the best looking and strongest tank on the market.

We have a variety of sizes and colours in stock.

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Slimline Tanks
Tank Combo's also available.

Rapid Plas makes stock watering simpler and easier. We offer high-quality tanks and accessories designed and built for livestock watering. We have some of the most durable livestock water troughs which offer the advantages of concrete but with added convenience. You can buy our tanks and accessories as packages or as separate items.

If you’re planning to set up a livestock watering system, it’s more cost-effective to buy our packages, which are offered with free delivery to your farm for all items.

Pro Tub Water Troughs
Ultra longline water troughs
High longline water troughs