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Have you just moved to a new property and don’t know where to start with the fencing? We can help you get started with a plan and the right products and tools, so you get the job done right first time!

Or if fencing isn’t your thing we can refer you to some local professional fencing contractors.


Many of us need help when it comes to our animal’s diet or health. We have staff in store that can give you advice on treating a sickness or injury or even make up a diet for your horse that will have it thriving in no time.


Has your energiser stopped working or not delivering the zap that it should? Bring it in for one of our staff to have a look at. It may only need a new battery or a quick service. If it’s something a little more technical, we can organise to have it checked and serviced by the supplier.


Whether you're on 2 hectares or 2,000 hectares, you have an important role as a land manager. Weed control is a key element for both current and future productivity and biodiversity. We're here to help you find the knowledge and tools you need to manage your precious resource.


We are able to advise on winter pasture’s and summer crops for your beef cattle, dairy cows, horse’s or even goats. Before choosing fertiliser for your farm, you should consider a SOIL TEST. We can do this and then make the right recommendation for your soil and pasture.


As a PROWATER member, we have a great range of pumps, pipes, valves, fittings, controllers, irrigators, sprinklers, filters, tanks, other water related products and accessories. We can provide a complete water solution, from products and advice through to design and planning, installation, service and maintenance. Find out more how we can help...