Liver Fluke occurs where pastures have habitat that is suitable for the snail intermediate hosts that are essential to the fluke's life cycle. Adult Liver Flukes live in the bile ducts of there host and produce an average of 20,000 eggs each day. The eggs travel with the bile into the intestine & are then passed in the faeces.

Once cattle ingest the snail from vegetation, the young flukes emerge, penetrate the gut wall and invade the liver. The immature flukes spend about 7 weeks migrating through the liver, causing tissue damage & bleeding, before settling in the bile ducts. The flukes then become adults & start producing eggs about 8-10 weeks after infection.

Liver Fluke treatments are best done in Autumn with a product that controls all tree stages of fluke (early immature, immature & adults). This aims to kill all flukes within the animal.

A treatment in Spring is also suggested which will  kill any fluke that has carried or been picked up through winter.