Graham's Precast Concrete offers a variety of water troughs and feeding troughs to accommodate your livestock’s feeding needs. You’ll find a range of sizes and shapes to work for herds of various sizes, as well as to work well for many different types of animals. Whether you have a herd of cattle, or you’re looking for a convenient way to feed poultry, horses and more, we have something you can use!

You can easily browse our selection to find the right sizes and shapes for your needs. Our troughs are designed and constructed to industry standards for precast concrete troughs, so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality and a product that will last through the years without breaking down. If you aren’t sure what size or type of trough you need, just contact us. One of our associates will be happy to assist you in the decision-making process.

7FT Trough: 7ft (2mts) Round X 0.6mt High Capacity: 1500lts Weight: 1000kg Inlet: 50mm (2”) Outlet: 100mm (4”)
4FT Trough: 4ft (1.2mts) Round X 0.6mt High Capacity: 520lt Weight: 600kg Inlet: 25mm (1”) Outlet: 50mm (2”)
2FT Trough: 2ft (0.80mts) Round X 0.5mt High Capacity: 175lt Weight: 200kg Inlet: 25mm (1”) Outlet: 50mm (2”)
5FT Trough: 5ft (1.5mts) Round X 0.6mt High Capacity: 850lt Weight: 800kg Inlet: 50mm (2”) Outlet: 100mm (4”)
10FT Trough: 10ft (3mts) Round X 0.7mt High Capacity: 4200lts Weight: 2800kg Inlet: 50mm (2”) Outlet: 100mm (4”)

Cattle Long Trough

Additionally, it’s approved and recommended for all weather conditions. For this reason, concrete troughs are highly recommended for those areas that experience either extremely hot or cold temperatures (and especially locations that experience both). Plastic and other materials may become brittle in extreme weather conditions over time, which can lead to cracking and breaking. This exposes sharp edges which may cause serious injury to your livestock.

5mt Cattle Trough 5mts (l) X 0.75mt (w) X 0.7mt (h) Capacity: 1800lt Weight: 2200kg Inlet: 50mm (2”) Outlet: 100mm (4
3mt Cattle Long Trough 3mts (l) X 0.75mt (w) X 0.7mt (h) Capacity: 1000lt Weight: 1400kg Inlet: 50mm (2”) Outlet: 100mm (4”)
Big Feed Trough 1.2mt (w) X 0.87mt (h) X 3mt (l) Weight: 1000kg

If you have livestock to keep safe, then you probably understand the importance of having a well-built cattle grid.

While there are numerous materials available, concrete grids are especially useful because of their durable nature and resilience when used in various weather conditions.